Closing a deal has never been easier

Win much more with an easy to use and effective negotiation tool.

Dealia introduces a new way of negotiating allowing you to win more deals in a shorter period of time.

Use Dealia negotiation tool for:

Dealia negotiation process

Stress-free negotiations

Traditional negotiations cause tremendous stress and may lead to emotional reactions. Minimizing direct physical contact eliminates stressful situations, gives more time to think and helps you achieve more.

Better data organization

Have all the negotiation details, timeline organized in one place. There will never be an issue with finding the required information. Each quote negotiation has a status, so you will know which is new, pending, in progress or closed.

Much faster deal-making

Don’t waste time on time-consuming administrative tasks, get straight to the point and send quick itemized offers and get approval, rejection or acceptable price from your prospect. Negotiate back and forth until you reach common ground.

Winning more deals

Your prospects receive a link to the negotiation panel where they can follow every negotiation step and get notification every time you send the new offer or counter-offer. Impress your prospects with easy, concrete negotiations, timely responses and win more deals.

Reach agreement faster

Communicate via Dealia panel and get valuable feedback from your prospect. Seal the deal quickly and comfortably.

Get quote request

Get notified by email about the new quote request. Open it in the Dealia admin panel.

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Dealia notifications by email
prepare offer for customer with Dealia

Prepare a quick price proposal

Dealia allows you to put together transparent pricing offers.

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Get an instant update once the prospect replies to your proposal

The prospect will receive an email with a link to your offer and panel including "Approve", "Reject" or "Cancel" offer buttons. Get detailed feedback that may include the prospect's acceptable price point and conditions. The communication may continue until you reach the agreement.

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negotiation feedback from customers
close deals with Dealia

Close the deal

Once one of the sides approves the price, the deal is automatically made and the payment link is sent to the customer.

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Feedback from client

Communication flow chart


Prospect approves all the offer terms and conditions. The deal is done.


Prospect doesn't want to continue with negotiations.


Prospect is not satisfied with the offer and can give the counter-offer.


Dealia sends the link to Paypal so the transaction can be completed.


Send a new offer to retain the client.


Ask for detailed feedback.


Prospect sends their price proposal.


If the prospects offer is satisfactory.


If you want to offer a different price.


Dealia sends the link to Paypal so the transaction can be completed.

Send a new offer

Send a new offer to retain the client.

More than 50% of deals are closed faster with Dealia

Save time and close more deals. Have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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