Get paid instantly.

Comfortable one click payments upon deal acceptance.

Collect payments automatically

Auto-generated link to payment

Get paid after the deal is accepted. Let client receive an automatic link where the transaction can be completed in just one click.

deal made on Dealia
transaction made on Dealia

Payment methods

Dealia integrates with PayPal and doesn't take any provisions for transactions. Dealia is working on more payment integrations.

Receive payment confirmation

Get email with payment confirmation when the client makes a payment.

Dealia payment confirmation

Effective negotiations on Dealia

Communicate with prospect

Discuss requirements in detail via Dealia negotiation tool. Let prospects receive a unique link to the negotiation panel. The whole conversation is organized in one place so you can always come back to it.

Send pricing proposal

Generate an itemised offer with our easy to use tool and send it to your prospect.

Get feedback

Prospects can accept, reject and give the counter-offer or cancel it. Get detailed feedback and update the offer until you reach a satisfactory agreement.

Dealia negotiations and communication log

PayPal integration

Quick payment without hassle.

Accept any currency

Don’t limit yourself and collect payments in a variety of currencies.

Get paid automatically

Receive payments instantly as they are routed directly to your linked bank account.


Let your client get a receipt after the transaction is completed.

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