Create custom forms with Dealia form builder

Add the forms anywhere on your website and use them to collect quote requests from prospects.

Intuitive builder with advanced customisations

Add the rich form elements

Capture any data from your prospects needed to prepare a price proposal. Add anything from drop down fields to file uploads and much more.

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dealia form components
dealia form design

Style the forms

Update the look and feel of your forms so it matches with your business appearance. Change the colors, fonts, borders etc. Have full control on the form structure and width of the elements.

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Let prospects get auto-response emails

Customise a message that will display on your website once the form is successfully submitted. Alternatively redirect to one of your pages. Let prospects receive automatic email once the form has been sent.

get quote confirmation by email

Collect information about competition pricing

Sometimes customers return purchased products because they have found a cheaper option elsewhere after the purchase. In this case you waste time on packing up the item, sending it and communicating.
Add the “seen better offer elsewhere” button to your product page to minimize this kind of situation. Users can send you links to the competitive websites and you can give them a better offer and win new customers. Implement this feature by using Dealia embeds and forms.

Win more with Dealia

Gain more prospects

Use Dealia embed button and forms to easily connect through your website with prospects interested in your products and services.

Increase customer base

Get more requests with Dealia and increase a chance to gain new customers.

Boost sales

Offer better prices on bulk orders and win more customers with our easy to use software. Improve your sales and profits.

Get feedback

Listen to your prospects and customers, understand their needs and get a chance to adjust the offer accordingly.

Speed up sales process

Use Dealia negotiation tool and close the deals faster and easier than ever before.

Improve lead response time

Reply smoothly to prospects' requests with quick Dealia offer tool. Get notified immediately once the new request arrives.

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