Bespoke products

Sale more made to order products

Let prospects provide you with detailed requirements directly through your website and respond with a tailor-made, winning offer.

Bespoke products with Dealia mean

32 %

Increase in customer retention

2 x

Higher lead conversion

41 %

More paying customers

Get more quotes and increase customer base

Sale more products based on individual needs

Understand prospects' needs

Build an unlimited number of custom forms with Dealia form builder and add them anywhere on your website. Find out in detail what solutions your customers are looking for. Adjust your offer to meet their requirements.

get quotes directly from your website
prepare a quote for your customer

Send quick proposal

Prepare a quote based on the requirements you received through the form. With Dealia you can create a quick, itemized quote in just a few clicks.

Negotiate the price

Let prospects negotiate with you and provide you with their own ideal price, counter-offer until the price is accepted by both sides.

get feedback about the offer
communicate through Dealia negotiation panel

Communicate smoothly

Improve communication with your prospects and reduce the time needed to win the deal. Have all the communication data organized in one place.

Finalize the deal

Send a PayPal payment link to the customer once the quote is accepted so the deal can be completed in one click.

complete transaction on Dealia

Provide unique buying experience

Selling bespoke products and services with Dealia
Improves customer satisfaction

Provide personalized service and smooth negotiation and buying experience.

Boosts revenue

Many prospects will be ready to pay more for unique products made just for them and easily quotable from your website.

Makes you stand out from your competition

Offering distinctive products and using quick, comfortable Dealia quote and negotiation tools will impress your customers.

Helps to identify target customers

Get feedback from your customers while communicating through Dealia and enhance your product or service.

increase sales with Dealia

Boost sales of your bespoke products and services.

Impress your prospects with smooth communication.