Dealia is a versatile tool useful to any business.

Deal-making is an inseparable part of many e-commerce and non-ecommerce businesses. Doesn’t matter if you are a wholesaler, offer services or tailor-made products, Dealia will help you drive more leads and seal more deals with less effort.

Businesses that use Dealia

Discover what impact Dealia would have on your business.

solution for e-commerce


Integrate the quality deal-making system to seek more opportunities.

Get in touch with more prospects interested in your products and services.

Retain customers by offering them competitive prices especially if they’ve seen a better price somewhere else.

Wholesale and Manufacture

Let clients add more products to quote so they can order in bulk and bargain for better prices.

Impress customers with an easy deal-making process.

Get rid of stress associated with negotiations and use the Dealia negotiation tool.

solution for wholesale
solution for bespoke products and services


Gather client’s requirements directly from your website and understand their needs.

Get feedback from prospects regarding the pricing offer and adjust your offer accordingly to seal the deal.

Improve customer satisfaction with Dealia negotiation tool.


Attract more prospects to your business and drive more revenue.

Accelerate the sales process using Dealia negotiations.

Win more deals and use quick Dealia transactions.

solution for sales teams

Solve business issues with Dealia

Close more deals and do it quicker.