Get quote requests from your website

Let prospects send you quote requests directly from your e-commerce or non-e-commerce website and increase the conversion rate.

Embeds made easy for any website

Quick integration and flexible solution working out of the box.

Link Dealia with your website in one click

Generate Dealia linking code in one click. Paste it between the head tags on your website. This connects Dealia with your website.

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embed Dealia code to the head tag

Product integration for e-commerce

Add the quote button anywhere on your website by providing the page link. In most cases our page scraping script will automatically detect the product data and replace any "add to cart" button on your e-commerce website with the quote button.

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dealia embed for e-commerce

Manual product integration for any website

Provide the page link where the quote button should display and complete any missing product data. Generate the quote embed code in one click. Paste it wherever you wish to display the quote button on your website. Great solution when you don't have any product dedicated page. Can be done even on a blank page.

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generate button

Assign Dealia forms to integrated products

Now the button displays on your website and you are ready to collect quote requests from your customers.

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collect quote requests from your website
Dealia head embed
Dealia e-commerce embed
generate quote button
collect quotes from your website

Maximize sales opportunities

Dealia is a deal-making hub for you and your customer

increase sales with Dealia

Product contact forms

Assign Dealia custom-built forms to products of your choice to collect prospects’ requirements and necessary data for preparing a quote.

The quote button

Let prospects ask for a price of a single product or multiple products at once.

“Found a better price somewhere else?” button

Add a button to your product page or any other page encouraging prospects to let you know where they have found a better product offer.

Quote submission

Get notified by email once the prospect sends you a quote request. All requests are visible in the admin panel. Prospect receives the submission confirmation email with the summary of the quoted products.


Negotiate using the Dealia communication system and win deals. Send a transaction link to the customers once the offer is accepted by them for easy and quick deal closure.

Don’t let prospects choose your competition

“Found a better price elsewhere” is a great solution for e-commerce businesses. It gives you an opportunity to:

Provide a more competitive price

This will make your offer a number one choice for a potential customer.

Learn more about your competition

Prospects will provide you with data about your competition so you can discover the new business opportunities and improve your product offer.

Win new customers

Adapting to new prices and meeting customers’ expectations can be rewarding as you can get a new regular customer.

add found better offer button and form with Dealia

Gain new quality leads with Dealia

Connect through your website with prospects interested in your products and services.
Use Dealia for free.