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Offer better prices on bigger orders and drive more B2B sales with Dealia.

Wholesale & manufacture with Dealia mean


Win more deals


Close deals faster


Increase lead generation

Use your full selling potential

Sale in bulk

Let prospects ask for the price of multiple products via your website and offer them special rates on product quantity using a quick Dealia proposal template.

Be more competitive

Let customers bargain for better prices even when the price is displayed on your website. Allow them to ask for a quote and provide a competitive offer based on the quantity and quality of their order.

Co-operate more efficiently

Understand customer needs better and respond to their demand. Get information on the products they need and the satisfactory prices when negotiating on Dealia.

Sale in bulk with Dealia

Don’t miss on new revenue opportunities

Manufacturer - Wholesaler - Retailer

More effective way to find prospects and impress customers

Easily embed a quote button anywhere on your e-commerce or non-ecommerce website so prospects can send you quote requests. Create custom forms with Dealia form builder and assign them to products in bulk. Add a unique form for each product and gather the information you need from the prospect.

Embed a quote button
Prepare offer proposals

Smooth deal-making process

Eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and use a quick Dealia proposal template.

Fuss-free negotiations

Use the Dealia negotiation panel where prospects can accept, reject or cancel the offer and give you their own acceptable price.

Negotiate with prospects
Dealia payment confirmation

One click payments

Make the buying experience effortless and convenient, so the whole deal can be finalized in one click.

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