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Quote request list overview

Every time you receive a new quote request it will display in the quote list. The new quote requests or just recently updated ones always display on top of the list.

Quote request list

Each quote request displays:

  • the first product image, 
  • first product name from the quote, 
  • customer name as completed in the quote form, 
  • quote status, which informs about the negotiation progress,
  • date of the most recent quote modification.

When there is more than one product in the quote request the blue + icon will display with the number of products that have been requested.

Quote request search and filter

There is a search box just above the quote list. You can search quotes by customer name, customer email address or product name. 

Search of quotes by a product name

You can also filter the quote requests by negotiation status.

You may want to find the quote request with the customer email address and with the status deal.

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