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Account settings

“Account settings” can be found in the Dealia admin panel, in the navigation bar under the “Account” tab. Below are all the details that can be found there.

Personal profile

This tab includes the basic information about the person that is the user of the given account. It includes first name, last name and email address.

Company profile

Here are the details about your company. Below are the fields in the form.

Company name – the legal name of your company.

Company description – short description of your company, what it does.

Company website address – the company website address where the quote button should display.

Phone number (international) – the company’s phone number in international format. The international format includes a plus sign (+), then country code, city code for non mobile number, and local phone number.

Address – your company’s main address.


You can read about users in the separate article.

Password and security

Once in a while it’s worth changing the password to improve the security of your account. Make sure not to show your password to anyone.

In order to change the password:

  • Go to Account > Account Settings > Password & security.
  • Click the “Change password” button.
  • Update the password.
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