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How to integrate Squarespace products with Dealia?

If you have a website built in Squarespace, you may want to quickly display all your products in the Dealia admin panel. It will allow you to easily manipulate the data and apply forms of your choice to the selected products. Then the forms and Request Quote button will display on these products.

Below are a few steps that you need to complete to integrate with Squarespace.

Log in to the Dealia admin panel and go to the Products > External Products tab.

Select Squarespace from the drop down list.

Click the Configure button and copy the code.

Next, click on the Squarspace Configuration button. The “Code Injection” window in SquareSpace will display. Paste the code to the Header section. Click Save.

Go back to the Dealia admin panel Products > External Products tab and refresh this page. The list of all your Squarespace products should be visible there.

Now you can apply forms in bulk to selected products and start getting quote requests from your customers.

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