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Add manual payment instructions

If you don’t have a PayPal account or wouldn’t like to use it for the automated transactions you can add your own payment instructions for the customer. The instructions will automatically display when the deal is made. This is to ensure your customer knows what to do after the deal is accepted.

In order to add the payment instruction do the following:

  • Go to the Dealia admin panel and click Account > Quote payment settings,
  • In the “Payment instructions” text field provide the additional payment instructions that will display after the deal is made. You can include your account number and other payment information needed to complete the transaction by the customer. This field should be completed especially when you don’t enable the automated payments.

The instruction can be added even when the automated payments are enabled.

Payment instruction settings
Payment instruction that the customer sees

Once the manual transaction is completed you can click the “Mark as paid” button. It will change the status of the quote to “Paid”.

“Mark as paid” manual option
Deal status changes to “Paid” after the transaction for the quote has been made
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