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How to add Dealia to Shopify website?

You can add the Dealia quote button directly onto your Shopify website by adding your items (products / services) to Dealia and assigning forms. It can be done manually or through automated integration. Still before doing that, it’s important to connect your website with Dealia.

Add Dealia code snippet in Shopify

The Dealia embed code should be added directly below the <head> tag in your Shopify theme’s code:

  • Navigate to Online Store, then Themes.
  • From the Actions dropdown, Select Edit code.
  • From the left-hand menu, select the theme.liquid.
Editing code in Shopify
Adding Dealia code to theme.liquid file
  • To preview the changes, select Preview.

When you decide for the Shopify automated integration, you will need to additionally paste the Shopify integration code below the <head> tag or just before the </head> tag as described in Shopify automated integration.

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